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Will sell containers sea 40 - foot.
$ 1,961 /pc
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
Will sell containers sea 40 - foot. high-D-12.192 m ×W-2.438 m ×V-2.896 m., low-D-12.192 m ×W-2.438 m ×W-2.591 m., 20 - foot container. High-D-6.058 m ×W-2.438 m ×V-2.896 m., Low-D-6.058 m ×W-2.438
Thermal wood house.
 5,000 /pc EXW   
 4,500-4,700 /pc wholesale
Термообробка, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Manufacturing of frame-panel houses made of thermal wood. Thermal wood is a durable and natural material, protected from the influence of pests, rot, fungi and negative environmental factors.
Sunflower oil and corn oil
$ 740 /t FOB
ЮК-Трейд, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Sunflower oil from 1000 mt FOB Refined : flexitank 740-760$ bottle 760-800$ Crude: flexitank 690$ Corn oil from 1000 mt: Refined : flexitank 680$ bottle 690$ Crude: flexitank 630$ bottle 640$ Price
Zinc 66
 300 /g CFR
Энерго Формат, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Manufacturer, direct supplier! Ladies and Gentlemans! FCO - (Full Corporative Offer)Our company is able to deliver to your address the following products, namely: The chemical properties of the
Bar 95 * 95 * 3000 Pine (Grade 3)
 85 /cu m FCA
АЛТ, PUE, BY Ankara, TR
Bar 95 * 95 * 3000 Pine (Grade 3)
Sulphur technical gas
$ 32 /t FCA   
$ 30-32 /t wholesale
Одил Райимкулов Комилович, LLC, UZ Ankara, TR
The Sulphur technical gas, sort 9995.
Nohut nohut Kırmızı (Chickpea)
TL  1,531.88 /t EXW
СПТ Сервис, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Stokta var şu an 2 çeşit kırmızı ve beyaz Ayrıntıları şartlarına göre, teknik parametreleri ve maliyet kontrol yöneticisi telefon veya yazışma
Graphite Electrode Low Price Good quality
$ 3,000 /kg CIF   
$ 3,000-9,000 /kg wholesale
Jinchang Carbon Development..., LLC, CN Ankara, TR
Jinchang Carbon Development Limited - a supplier of graphite electrode more than 10 years in China and abroad. The production base covers an area about 40,000 square meters and an annual capacity of
Xanthan Gum
$ 2 /kg
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
Xanthan gum is one of the most effective, most widely used and most versatile polysaccharide across the world today. It is mainly composed of D-glucose, D-mannose, D-glucuronic acid and acetyl. Under
Metal structures of any complexity. Manufacture. Sale.
$ 1,461 /t
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
We do what you need us to do... We are glad to offer you our services in manufacturing and installation of metal structures of any complexity, commercial, warehouses, aircraft hangars, service
Wheat flour
$ 290 /t CIF
ЮК-Трейд, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Wheat flour Top grade and First grade. Origin Ukraine from 20 mt to 500 mt price: from 250$ FCA. from 3 000 mt*12 monthes price from 290$CIF Please sent your LOI.
Urea 46%
$ 200 /t
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
Sell urea 46% for 200$ without transport production of Turkmenistan, Letter Of Credit (L/C, DLC) Urea grade A, B 50 000 tons per month Application: use in industry as a raw material in the
Thermally modified wood
 20 /sq m EXW   
 17-18 /sq m wholesale
Термообробка, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to the order. Possible manufacture of final molded
Thermo wood
 20 /sq m EXW   
 17-18 /sq m wholesale
Термообробка, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
The company LLC Termoobrobka produces molded products from thermally treated wood of different sizes and wood species. Decking, deck, front (planken). Components (lining, timber, lounger) for the
Ultrafiltration system
 5,600 /pc
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Ultrafiltration is one of the baromembrane methods of water purification. Under certain pressure, the water entering the ultrafiltration unit passes through a semipermeable membrane and is divided
I-Rem filter (removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide)
 850 /pc
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
I-Rem effectively performs the following functions: removal of iron; removal of manganese; removal of hydrogen sulphide; The service life of the filtering backfill is 7 years! This filter does not
Reverse Osmosis Systems
 1,850 /pc
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Litech Aqua Desolt - reverse osmosis systems, which are developed using advanced 3D modeling and software for designing accurate processes. Our reverse osmosis systems are manufactured on a mobile
Silindirler Kauçuk işleme silindirleri.
$ 25,000 /person CIF   
from $ 25,000 /pc wholesale
Гумаимпекс, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Rollers Rollers for rubber processing. Sale of Rollers for rubber processing -RF 800. Designed for grinding the mixture of regenerated and its production. The rollers has been used. They are in
Frame-panel houses
 200 /sq m   
 150-200 /sq m wholesale
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive experience in the construction, I want to offer the supply of
Petek üretimi için matris
 220 /pc
Bee Worker, PE, UA Ankara, TR
Yeni! Matris, bal peteğinin evde yuvarlanması veya dökülmesi için özellikle dayanıklıdır. Hücre boyutları ile çalışma yüzeyinin boyutu: 410 mm x 260 mm (verilen), matris kalınlığı yaklaşık 1
Sell red and white beans wholesale, origin Kyrgyzstan
TL  1 /t FCA
Иванов М.С., SP, RU Ankara, TR
Hello.   We are a broker of red and white beans. How many are ready to buy right now? In the presence of 350 tons of red and about 200 tons of white. We provide peeling, cleaning and packing services
Dry brewer's yeast
 1 /t EXW
SLT, PE, UA Ankara, TR
Dry brewer's yeast is a unique product that contains up to 40-55% of high-quality, complete, easily digestible protein, which includes 17 essential amino acids, most of which are essential. It
Solar Gas Turbine Fuel Injector Test Bench
$ 300,000 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
The company will develop and manufacture a test bench for testing the fuel injectors of Solar industrial gas turbines. The test bench meets the current rules and requirements for ensuring the quality
Test bench with hydraulic brake 16 MW and more
$ 300,000 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
We carry out the calculation, with the subsequent manufacture and turn-over of the test site and running-in of high-speed high-power units operating at nominal modes from 1 MW to 26 MW. Test benches
Test bench with 30 MW load device
$ 300,000 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Production - Test benches with the use of a load device (turbo-generator, hydraulic brake or other) with a capacity of 30 MW. We carry out the calculation, with the subsequent manufacture and
Huller-Hille Nb-h 100-1.1 milling machine with CNC
 34,000 /pc FCA
ДМЗ, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Horizontal milling machine with CNC. 1976y. System CNC - FMS 3000 Replacement of the system was in 2013. Table size: X - 1000x1000mm X - 2250mm Y- 800mm Z - 650mm Сomplete machine, working condition,
Polypropylene bags
$ 1,300 /t   
$ 0.12-0.13 /t wholesale
KICI GALA, Partnership, TM Ankara, TR
We produce polypropylene bags. polypropylene bags from primary raw material for (salt, flour). We sell at a bargain price. size: 55 × 105 centimeters density: 70-85gr Composition: Polypropylene from
Mazak mltplx 620 (lathe processing center with CNC)
 38,000 /pc FCA
ДМЗ, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Lathe processing center with CNC 1994y. made in Japan. CNC - Meldos mitsubishi max diameter - 530mm max L - 390mm diametr spindle - 51mm two turrets for 12 tools engine 15 kWt max speed 4000
 10 /kg
Примаоил, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Cold pressing. Packing 0.5 liter. / 1l., In bulk. Regular use of oil from pumpkin seeds strengthens immunity, stimulates metabolism, helps to lose weight, improves skin and hair condition. Useful
Red bull energy drink for sale
 13 /pc CIF   
 13-14 /pc wholesale
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE Ankara, TR
We offer redbull at very good prices please contact us directly for more details and we also do safe delivery worldwide
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners for 7-11 mm belts
 30 /m EXW   
from  28 /m wholesale
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners is ideal for use on rubber-plied conveyor belts 7-11 mm, delivering performance and long life with easy installation without a special tool. Known analogues
Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce
$ 1,600,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial GTE firms Rolls-Royce used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Rolls-Royce models: Avon, Olympus, Allison 501-k, Trent, Spey, RB211, EM610, Trent
Test bench gas turbine engine SOLAR
$ 1,600,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial gas turbine engines manufactured by SOLAR used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Models: Solar Turbines, Solar Centaur, Solar Saturn, Solar
Equipment for the repair of gas-turbine engines for compress
$ 1,600,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Completion of an enterprise for the repair of industrial gas-turbine engines used in gas-compressor stations: - gas-compressor stations: booster; - gas-compressor stations: linear, for gas
Linseed oil
 800 /t DAP   
 735-860 /t wholesale
Херсон Зерно, PE, UA Ankara, TR
Good day Our company from Ukraine produces and supplies linseed oil, we have successful experience with several Chinese companies selling linseed oil. If you are interested in this cooperation offer,
Pumpkin seed oil cake
 0.40 /kg
Примаоил, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Pumpkin cake is a high-protein fodder product obtained by processing pumpkin seeds in order to obtain oil. The cake is rich in vitamins B and E, it also contains relatively much potassium and
 0.13 /pc EXW   
 0.13-0.14 /pc wholesale
Андре, LLC, BG Ankara, TR
The Andre Ltd , Bulgaria Vat 103845723 the distributor in Bulgaria good plants winery plants and mineral water plants . Our plants and the company Andre Ltd is a leading producer of fine wine and
 200 /t FCA
Grininvestgrup, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Teknik olarak saf maya kültürlerinden elde edilen maya taneli malzeme, bir protein kaynağı, vitaminler ve eser elementler bir alt-tabaka üzerinde büyümüş. 85-90% oranında maya protein yem
Milling Wheat for sale FCA
$ 192 /t FCA
Rom Declar Proiect, SRL, MD Ankara, TR
We can offer good quality wheat (origin Republic of Moldova): protein content: 12,2. We have about 3000 MT. For faster communication: Phone \ Viber \ Telegram \ WhatsApp: Email:
$ 6.50 /kg CIF   
$ 6.50-9.50 /kg wholesale
Мукашев М.А., SP, KZ Ankara, TR
Almanya'dan bir daimi kitap satıyorum. yıkanmış, tuzlanmış, preslenmiş, yağ çıkarılmaz (aslında yağdaki indirim), ortalama ağırlık 2 kg. Hacim 25-30 ton / ay (konteyner). A-% 90-95, B-% 5-10.